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Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands and being a capital, it is one of the finest tourist attraction spots in the country. It has a wide spectrum of cultural and recreational sights which ranges from old buildings such as the Oude Kerk, to the historical masterpieces such as the Hash Marihuana Museum. A holiday tour is always a fascinating one, whether it is with friends or with family. To add more excitement to your tour, there are a few offers for cheap business class airfare from us which will not only bring down your budget but will also make you feel happy about the tour. We provide cheap business class tickets for return trips also with additional discounts.
What to expect of the city?
Museums have always been the main tourist attraction in Amsterdam. There are a few world famous museums like the Rijksmuseum, Sttedelijk Museum and the Gogh Museum which are known worldwide. There are a lot more museums to see apart from these mentioned. Over a few millions of people visit Amsterdam every year which are attracted by the 50 museums that this city has. Some of the famous monuments and sites which are famous in the city and have the attractive lure are mentioned below.
•Oude Kerk: it is an old church which has little houses clinging to the side walls. It has always been a calm heaven situated in the heart of the city. The gothic-renaissance style used in this is widely famous.
•Dam Square: considered to be the centre of the city, the Dam Square is a fascinating historical site which is worth appreciation. It is now home to thousands of pigeons and tourists who visit the city.
•Begijnhof: a charming garden surrounded by houses has its pathway a narrow one. It is one of those places where quietness is maintained and it gives you great relaxation.
•Amsterdam’s canals: another of its own kind, the canals in the city is also famous worldwide for pleasant scenic beauty. Since, the city is known as “the Venice of the north” thus a trip to Amsterdam is said to be incomplete without a boat cruise.
There are a few other fascinating sites which attract the tourist throughout the year, which includes the Magere Brug, Jordaan, Rembrandtplein Square and many more. Amsterdam also has numerous luxurious hotels which stand tall among hundreds of other beautiful buildings in the city.
An experience you won’t ever forget
A trip with business class specials to this place will definitely be an experience you won’t ever forget. An offer for Cheap business class tickets will add charm to any trip to this beautiful place. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a life time trip to this amazing city with discount business class flights.


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