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How We Work
  • Tell Us Your Travel Plans:

    1Fill out our free online request form to tell us your travel destination, where you are traveling from, and when you intend to travel. Tell us your ideal price and we will find the most affordable first class or business class airfare that will work best with your travel plans.
  • Confirm Your Flight:

    2 Once the agents of WeFlyElite find the flights that fit your travel plans, select the one that you want to use. You will receive email confirmation once your discounted first class or business class airfare is paid for and booked. Moreover, there will be no surprise costs once the flight confirmation is finalized.
  • Enjoy Your Flight:

    3The confidence in knowing that your flight is completely booked, and how much you saved on your discounted business class or first class ticket, will enable you to enjoy your flight, and your trip. Call 1.877.784.0702 today, and start planning your next business trip, or that vacation you’ve been dreaming of – with the knowledge that WeFlyElite is going to make sure that you get the best deal on the airfare that will get you there.
Why Choose Us

low_prices1 You should choose WeFlyElite because we are not just another discount airfare website; we are the only discount airfare website that provides this service to benefit our customers and not just to profit for ourselves.

Airlines today are making fortunes from business travelers, because the airlines know that you need to get to that meeting, so you will pay whatever outrageous price the airline charges for business class tickets. The airlines also assume that luxury vacation travelers will not worry about the cost of first class airline tickets, simply because you do not need to. However, at WeFlyElite, we understand that in today’s economy, every penny counts, and no traveler should have to pay more than is fair just to reach their destination. Just because you need to get to your business meeting or just because you can afford a vacation – does not mean that that the airline should overcharge you. A major benefit of using WeFlyElite is that we will provide a complete detailed report of the expenses and restrictions included in your first class or business ticket package, before your travel is booked. With our service, you will never encounter unexpected costs after your trip is finalized. To show you just how dedicated we are to making sure that our customers are always guaranteed the best price – If you find a better deal not available to the general public, on your first class or business class airfare than the prices we offer, we will beat that price by up to $100.00.
  • Last Minute Deals

    Whether you’re planning a first or business class flight, a last-minute discounted business class ticket, FlyEliteClass is more than just a way to book a cheap luxury flight. In addition to a great price we value our customers and the customer service been provided by our agents. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.
  •  We Find the Lowest Priced Fares

    Using our knowledge of discounted first and business class tickets and our access to special deals, FlyEliteClass Agents will find the cheapest business class airfare for your upcoming trip. You’re sure to use the money saved through booking with FlyEliteClass to better enjoy your trip.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee! Save Thousands!

    If you find a lower price for your first or business class airfare that is not available to the general public, send us a quote and we will make sure to beat the price for a discounted business class ticket by up to $100. 
  •  Fees & Restrictions Revealed

    Other discount airfare websites may offer something that looks like a good price. But when you book that cheap first or business class flight, you’ll get hit with various unexpected fees that can double the quoted price. Or you’ll be hit with restrictions that will severely crimp your travel plans.
  •  A Dedicated Travel Partner

    While other discount business class providers may not provide assistance if you need to make any changes, FlyEliteClass agents are available to you as your travel partner from your first call until your return home. They will  process any changes that you may need to make to your discounted business or first class ticket while you are on your trip.
Clients Love Us

At WeFlyElite, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and always guaranteed.

You do not need to just take our word for it though, our customers are always happy to share their opinions on how well our services worked for them – and will work for you as well.


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